Packaging at Greens Self Storage - BlackpoolWe offer a full line of boxes and moving supplies for your one-stop convenience.

We carry a wide variety of box sizes including speciality boxes and kits to protect your dishes, glassware, clothing and draperies. We also carry tape, bubble wrap and more to provide added protection. Having the right packing and moving supplies is the first step to ensure a stress free move!

Double Mattress Cover £4.00
Kingsize Mattress Cover £5.00
Settee Covers – 2 Seater £3.00
Settee Covers – 4 Seater £4.00
Tape Gun £5.99
Tape 48×66 £1.50
Bubblewrap 750mm £0.40 per metre
Loosefill Bag £2.00
Tissue Paper £0.10 (min purchase 10 pieces)*
Paper £0.05 (min purchase 10 pieces)*
Boxes 457x457x305mm* £2.50
Boxes 457x457x305mm* £1.50 (min purchase 10 boxes)*
Boxes 460x460x610mm* £3.80
Boxes 460x460x610mm* £2.80 (min purchase 10 boxes)*
Archive Boxes £2.25
Permanent Marker Pen £1.00

We have the right items you need at the right price. It can be tempting to reuse boxes or borrow boxes from a friend – but there’s nothing worse than having a box fall apart after you’ve packed it so carefully.